Theodore Nott (aka Gaspard Ulliel)

Theodore Nott is the pureblood son of Mr.Nott (a deatheater)

and Ophelia Nott (A vampire). Theodore often goes by his nick-name 'Theo' and identifies as gay. Currently Theo is in a relationship with Blaise Zabini. Theo was/is a part of the "Slytherin Trio" the group which also consists of Draco Malfoy and Blaise Zabini that was founded in their 3rd year at Hogwarts. The Slytherin Trio were what some might call "friends with bennifits" untill Draco started dating Hermione and Theo confessed his love to Blaise (Draco and Hermione have since broken up). Theodore Nott is often described as being "rabbity" in appearance, and was never very popular. He is a loner who enjoys reading and eating chocolate. Theo has a pet bunny named Lola, Lola used to be a bottle of firewhiskey untill Draco transfigured it into the fuzzy little pet for Theo. Theo is a talented artist and singer although he prefers to keep those aspects of his life personal for the most part, only singing on occasion and rarely sharing his sketches with others. Theodore is estranged from his father Mr.Nott who is dissapointed at the prospect of having "a weak gay son" and although his father did force Theo to take the dark mark ,Theo tries hard to go against the views of most deatheaters. Theodore witnessed his father murder his mother when he was 4 years old. Theo does have a growing relationship with his mother Ophelia (a ghost) but holds some resentment against her both for leaving him to his abusive father after her death and for passing on her vampiric blood line to him.

(Theo is roleplayed by Jinx)