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Solara (an original character created and roleplayed by Belle, a member of the Harry Potter Mafia) is a female Snatcher employed by the Ministry of Magic- however, unlike most Snatchers, she was never in Azkaban previously. She picked up the job to earn some extra cash, and found herself attracted to the leader of Snatching posse no. 0001 (or the Dogs), Antioch Scabior . The two have a secret relationship, kept hidden for the fact that if they are found out, Scabior will go to Azkaban (see Solabior for details).

Solara's pastEdit

Not much is known about Solara's past. She attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in her childhood years, though she didn't speak much. Previous to her school years, she was mistreated by her parents and isolated, leaving her with environmental autism ((Right. I'm trying to recall what I can from old RPs)) and painfully shy. She did not speak to anyone at Hogwarts until her second year. She had very few friends, the closest of which was a boy named Darren. The two eventually fell in love, but Darren was killed by Death Eaters later in life. It has been hinted at that one of the reasons she fell for Scabior was because he reminded her of Darren.

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