About ShipsEdit

A Ship is not the sea faring vessel you think of when you normally hear the word. The term "ship" comes from "shipping" which is another word for "Relationship". Most ships have a nickname which is a combination of the two characters names put together. Some examples are: Fremione (Fred/Hermione), Snarry, (Harry/Snape), and Ludding (Luna/Pudding).

Ships can come in many different forms and are not secluded to boy/girl. They can be boy/boy, girl/girl, girl/boy, person/item or person/food.

A person who "ships" something is referred to as a shipper. For instance if a person in the Harry Potter Fandom supported Hermione/Draco they would most likely be referred to as a "Dramione shipper".

Types of ShipsEdit

Romantic ShipsEdit

This is the most popular and comman type of "ship". It's normally two characters who are put together romantically. These are the most commonly found ships in any fandom. When someone ships something 98% of the time they mean it Romantically.

Friend ShipsEdit

Friend ships are basically relationships between two people who see each other as friends or family. For instance some people view "Snarry" as a Father/Son or Mentor/Student relationship instead of the forbidden romance. People who use these ships will generally not refer to it as shipping, though, in order to keep people from getting confused which is why it's so rare to hear someone says "I ship Dramione as friends".

Crack ShipsEdit

A Crack Ship is when someone intentionally pairs up two ridiculous characters, and often times, items or foods. Some of the more amusing crack ships going around right now include: Drapple(Draco/Apple), Snapple(Snape/Apple), Ludding(Luna/Pudding), Chikron(Chicken/Ron), Drapes(Draco/Grapes), Pantledore(Pantene/Dumbledore).