Cold hands and a warm heart.

You're beautiful darling, just not Weasley beautiful. -Anon

Roxanne was born on August 15th. She is the daughter of Angelina and George Weasley. Twin sister to Riley Weasley and younger sister to Freddie Weasley II. Unlike her sister and brother, Roxanne doesn't have the flaming red hair, blue eyes nor does she have freckles or pale skin. Roxanne took after Angelina, she has short brown hair, with tan skin and brown eyes. She was sorted into Gryffindor, though never quite understood why, people always joked about how she belonged in Slytherin, because of her sometimes rude or sarcastic remarks, or how she'd chase after what she wanted, even how her plans sometimes seemed to be more on the devious side. Her best friends are; Lysander Scamander, Lily Luna Potter, Rylee Maycen Sharpe, Jay Hunter Logan, Luxio Raymond Logan, and Darius Dimitrio.


Age 3-10: Ever since she can remember, Roxanne has always been different. She was closer to Angelina then George, she liked to prank, but not as much as Riley and Freddie did. Sometimes she'd be their target when she was younger, this sometimes resulted in even worse pranks as pay back to both. Meaning, Freddie once got a black eye, and Riley once had to almost cut her hair off from all the goo that had ended up in there. While they were out helping their dad with the shop, Roxanne stayed at home with her mother and listened to stories and helped her cook. Roxanne was very close to Angelina and would sometimes sneak out if she had nightmares to go and sleep in her room when her father was away.

This all didn't mean she wasn't close to her siblings, sure they were different, but they loved each other the most they could. Roxanne was very protective of Riley, she was the younger twin, once a boy was messing with Riley's hair pulling on it and teasing her for it being flaming red, Roxanne went straight up and punched the boy, without a care. She'd protect Riley at whatever costs, she didn't care if she got in trouble (though her father was very pleased).

She was also very close to Freddie, they'd sometimes make stories together when they were on their own, they'd play outside and sometimes prank their father, Roxanne would sometimes pick flowers for Freddie, when he left for Hogwarts, she was very upset, more upset then she let it be known, she joked saying she wouldn't miss him, truth was, she ended up going home and crying. She waited and waited for the day where'd she could go to Hogwarts.

Though during this time, Roxanne began to get closer to Scorpius Malfoy. Over the summer right before Hogwarts, they'd throw stones together at the lake, and would spend nights just looking at the stars, they were very good friends for a long time, Scorpius was Roxanne's first crush.