Hello my name is Sarah, but everyone calls me Reine or Cuddles. I joined the Mafia on September 1rst as Cuddles the Dementor.

Sarah on the Webcam

I was born on September 18, 1991 and will be turning 20 in 2011.

I'm, in all honesty, a very nice person, feel free to contact me if you ever want to and you can find that out for yourself. Along the way you will also find out that I am very crazy, weird, eccentric, and for the most part, happy.

I ship Voldmione, Tomione, Fremione, Drapes, Drapple, Gillydore, Cuddlemort, Pantledore, and Dramione.

My OTP will always be Voldmione/Tomione, although Cuddlemort is a close second!


Cuddles the DementorEdit

Cuddles' character is a friendly Dementor, all around sweetie pie and Hufflepuff. She's recently turned good and taken on the appearance of a human so shes still trying to get ahold of her new emotions. It's quite difficult for her in the real world because she's so innocent and unprepared.


Voldemort stays very true the canon character (I hope) for the most part. He's an evil bastard who sometimes seems to care about Cuddles when in reality he only treats her well because she's his property. He's using her to his own advantage.

Thomas Taylor RiddleEdit

Son of Cuddles and Voldemort. Takes after his father in appearance and in his ability to speak Parseltongue, his personality, thankfully, takes after his mother.