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dis bitch has a face. the face resembles this somewhat.

Finally the hair reveals the madness within.

Name: Elisha Jayne Millennia McCoy.

Birthday: 6th April 1995.

Hometown: Manchester.

Birthplace: Dublin.

Current location: Dingle Bay.

Favourite Colour: Blue.

Favourite TV show: Being Human.

Favourtie Book (NOT HP): Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

Favourite Film (NOT HP): The Full Monty.

Favourite Celebrity: Daniel Radcliffe.

Spirit Animal: Charlotte Grote.

Favourite thing to do: Read.

Favourite thing to read: Murder She Writes.

Favourite music: King Charles, Frank Turner, Oasis, The Beatles.

Favourite place: Forbidden Planet.

Favourite food: Shakeaway's milkshakes counts, right?

OTP: Wolfstar.

Relationship: Kayla Williams.

Random fact: I have a box of Spiderman candy sticks by my bed.

Pet Peeve: People who claim themselves to be geeks and then refuse to attend Comicon and Whocon with you.


Dream job: Set Designer or a Dinosaur.

Favourite song right now: 'Wessex Boy' Frank Turner.