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I'm Kiana! I'm a fourteen year old girl who is from British Columbia, Canada. I have three siblings: Clinton, who's 17, Mason, who's 2, and y baby sister Kallaya who is 11 months old. I'm 25% British, 35% German, 25% Guatemalan, and the rest is a mixture of Irish/Scottish/Dutch. I suffer from clinical depression, chronic anxiety, and insomnia. If you're curious, my sexuality is Grey-A Asexual. I also has trust issues, but I have a dry sense of humour, I'm perverted, and I try to give everyone an equal chance. I'm a proud Gryffinclaw~ Not to mention a professional awkward fuck \m/

Rhiannon is my wife #Rhiana
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kiki batman

Hana is my hooker #Largenese
Beccat is my girlfriend #Beccana
Taylor is my Aussie daughter #KaylorLargecocks
Ocea is my innocent daughter #Kocea
Zoeh and I are better than you #Zoana
Adison is my bro-mate #Kidson

I kind of slid into the Mafia per say.

It all started with Gillydore (Lily Evans, George Weasley, and Pervy Dumbles)

Though, I have been lurking the Mafia since the begining, and slid in soon after.

I may not be perfect, but I'm Canadian, and that's as close as it gets.

Things I say a lot:

  • u ok
  • what
  • i loaf you like peeta loafs bread
  • loaf you bb
  • because of reasons
  • because fuck you
  • jesus take the feels
  • these fEELS
  • i want to throw myself out of a window

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