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Joel Remus Evans

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17 August



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Red Panda

Joel Remus Evans

(17 August – ) is a seventeen year old half-blood wizard. He is the youngest son of Lily and Remus Lupin, though his biological father is Severus Snape. He has a twin sister named Faye Autumn Evans, two older brothers, and a younger sister and brother - Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin, Dora Anne Lupin, and Johnathan William Lupin.

At Hogwarts, Joel was placed into Ravenclaw and was the first in his family to ever hold the position. During his third year however, he met a young, fellow Ravenclaw that he soon fell for, Juliet Avlon. They decided to join the Quidditch team together and Joel holds the position of the Keeper.

Though him and both of his sisters lie in seperate house
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Getting ready for Quidditch

s (Faye being in Slytherin and Dora being in Gryffindor), the lot are still incredibly close and make an effort to visit their Dad at school whenever he has a free moment or is teaching a class while they have study.

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