Jeremiah aka "Jam" Chambers is a 16 year old pureblood wizard in his 6th year at Hogwarts in Ravenclaw house. Jam despises being called Jeremiah but he will put up with it for a cute girl.


Jam has a twin brother and a sister. His twin brother Nathaniel (he prefers Nathan) is also in Ravenclaw house, and Bethany (she prefers Beth) is 15 and in Hufflepuff house.

The Origin of "Jam"Edit

Jeremiah always hated his name, and when he turned 14, he started a band with some of his muggle friends. The band was called "The Undertakers" they were terrible and they only made it out of the garage once or twice. Jam played the bass guitar and also sung for a while, after their singer quit. They all had their "stage names" Edward became Hawk, Andrew became Lex, James became Trip, and Jeremiah became Jam.