Jacques Weasley is the child of Fleur and Bill Weasley. He is the brother to Karli, twin of Lottie (deceased), Clemence, Louis, Victoire, Brielle, and Dominique. When he turned nine, he took an aging potion and became sixteen with Lottie.

His Childhood:

Growing up, Jacques lived an okay life. When he was eight, he got with a girl by the nam of Dorea Malfoy and he found out this his mother had a child with Blaise Zabini, (Amelie). Later on, he was snatched and tortured by a poser snatcher named Minari. He nearly died there but his cousin - Jacqueline Delacour (deceased) saved him. During his time as a nine year old, his sister got with a new guy (Teddy), and Jacques never liked him.

One day, out towards the forest, Teddy killed Jacques but revived him just in time. Bill found out and beat Teddy almost senseless, since then, Jacques has had no more problems with Teddy.

His Teenage Years:

Jacques got tired of waiting on Dorea, so he went out with his friend (Addie Tonks) with whom he'd had a relationship with since he was a child. That day, he confessed his love to her and they got together.