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Faye Autumn Evans

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17 August



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Faye Autumn Evans

(17 August – ) is a seventeen year old half-blood witch. She is the oldest daughter of Lily and Remus Lupin, though her biological father is Severus Snape. She has a twin brother named Joel Remus Evans, two older brothers and a younger sister and brother - Harry Potter, Teddy Lupin, and Dora Anne Lupin, and Johnathan William Lupin.

At Hogwarts, Faye was placed into the same house as her biological father - Slytherin. Though her and her siblings are in separate houses (Joel being in Ravenclaw and Dora being in Gryffindor),
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the lot are still incredibly close and make an effort to visit their Dad at school whenever he has a free moment or is teaching a class while they have study.

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