Dementor attack being interrupted by a Patronus.

This page is dedicated to Dementors according to the Harry Potter Mafia Roleplay. Some of it's factual, most of it's made up. There is also a lot of information missing on bad Dementors, you will only find whats needed for the Mafia on this page.=====

Bad DementorsEdit

Bad Dementors are skeletal and cloaked in black, they are foul and will suck the very happiness out of your body. If they 'kiss' you they take your soul, leaving you an empty shell.

Dementors age four times slower than the average witch or wizard and need to feed off a humans happiness and even their souls in order to keep living, it's their food.

The only ways to fight a Dementor is with the Patronus Charm, and chocolate is used as a first-aid to help a victim regain their strength after a Dementor encounter.

Good DementorsEdit

How Good Dementors are MadeEdit

Good Dementors are those Dementors that have been shown love and gain a soul. The process is quick and
painless but extremely rare. There have only been 6 known good Dementors in history, Cuddles being one of them.

The reason why it's so rare to see a good Dementor is because for one the Dementor has to be open to feel love, and there has to be a person willing to try and show a Dementor love. Once a Dementor is changed though it takes on a human appearance with a dominating color taking over their appearances. There is a known purple one and a the first known good Dementor was yellow.

How Good Dementors FunctionEdit

Good Dementors are the exact opposit of bad Dementors, where bad ones are evil and disgusting, relishing the bad and nasty and showing allegience only to those who can give them the most victims, good Dementors are everything kind, sweet, innocent and loyal.

Instead of feeding off peoples happiness and souls they survive on chocolate. Their kiss can heal souls instead of sucking them out and they give off a warm, loving aura. It is unknown whether or not a good Dementors kiss can heal a person who has been given a Dementors kiss but they can heal the soul of someone who has ripped it, torn it, etc.

Good Dementors are capable of breeding with witches and wizards, their offspring will seem completely human but will generally be incredibly advanced in leviation charms, which they inherit from their Dementor parent.

History of Good DementorsEdit

Not a lot is known yet on the history of these Dementors, although we know there were six known good Dementors,

Florencine Gregorian 506 ADEdit

Florencine was the first Dementor, she had yellow hair and eyes and her skin had a very subtle tint of yellow added to it. She ended up marrying a pureblood wizard named Hector Groot. Not much else is known about her except that it's suspected she might be distantly related to the Black family.